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Did you ever think that being too Authentic could get you fired? Find out why here!
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You’ll find many interesting and thought-provoking blogs here, and you can download – for free – a copy of Henry’s Rose’s book The Code for New Leaders here.

Talenttio‘s mission is to Cultivate Leaders for a Better Future.

At Talenttio, we have our own leader, Henry Rose Lee. You’ll be as inspired by Henry Rose as we are because, in spite of her being faceblind, (a condition she shares with Brad Pitt!), she has navigated an extraordinary career, fast-tracking and re-shaping the fortunes of thousands of corporate high-flyers for more than two decades.

Henry Rose has spent most of her life supporting, hand-holding and empathically guiding the lives of those around her. “Henry’s intellect and speed in taking in information and processing it is mind blowing. She also has the skill to then formulate and articulate. This then helps others to see a situation or issue more clearly so they can then act upon it. She is also one of the kindest and most generous-hearted people I know”. Senior Corporate Leader.

Described very simply by one client as, ‘a god-send: the calm voice of reason’, Henry RoseTeam Talenttio bring a value to clients and client organisations that is palpable and measurable in human, as well as business terms.

Henry Rose’s Story

Henry started coaching on the school bus at the age of twelve, when she discovered one of her friends in tears over the recent death of her mother. When everyone else was too embarrassed to talk to this girl, Henry simply took her hand and sat and listened. Together, the two children grieved and giggled, and plotted and planned to make their adolescent dreams come true. Thirty years later, Henry is still hand-holding, listening and caring, not for her school friends of course, but for a new generation of leaders, where Talenttio’s approach is both corporate and human, soft in style and hard-hitting in the revelations.

Unable to recognise faces, Henry simply can’t take anything at face value, necessitating the adoption of learned behaviours that interpret verbal and visual cues that others miss. This means that she naturally digs deeper to analyse and clarify all the issues that are going on within an organisation and its people. This results in sustainable improvement through the identification and eradication of the root causes of individuals’ unhelpful behaviours and business challenges. In recognition of Henry Rose’s rare and ground-breaking skills, all Team Talenttio coaches are now trained in how to apply this with their coachees, so that all our clients become faster and more effective.

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