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Henry Rose explains the Leadership Journey at Ladies Who Lead

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Sweet Spot_talenttio (2)Ladies Who Lead is all about personal development, support and career progression.

Ladies Who Lead is a by invitation only personal and professional development community for women (and men) in tech (digital) and fintech.

Ladies Who Lead provides a safe, encouraging and fertile environment where like-minded leaders and intrapreneurs, can share thoughts, exchange ideas, collaborate and flourish. It is a unique community where men are encouraged to attend, to enrich the discussion on women’s issues.


Traditional networking can be uncomfortable – even for the most confident of people. This, in turn, can make it unsatisfying, unfulfilling and eventually unsustainable.

But we know that relationships are built over time, and that a sense of security and trust are essential for relationships to thrive.

Careers are also built over time and female leaders gain more support and sustainable value from the LWL community than they can get from occasional development or career discussions in their workplace. Ongoing support and value are vital for women, who often feel lonely and isolated during their own ‘leadership journey’.


With trust, quality and integrity as the highest values we aspire to at LWL, membership is by invitation only. This means that numbers can be controlled and standards maintained. Our founder and leader, Henry Rose Lee speaks personally to every applicant before deciding on ‘the fit’.


During our startup period, we invited a group of hand-picked founding members to help guide and design the shape of this community.


As a major function of the LWL community, we offer development opportunities in the form of ice-breakers, activities, talks, workshops, webinars and online learning. We will also bring in experts in all aspects of leadership and career progression, and for these sessions there will be an extra charge.

We welcome enquiries and recommend emailing or calling our office on + 44 (0)1227 832154. Thank you.