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K-0272Henry Rose Lee is an expert in the development and understanding of New Leaders (GenY/Millennials + soon to be GenZ) and the evolution of leadership in The Shift Age. Her latest book, The Code for New Leaders was born out of her fifteen years’ experience as an executive coach and a supportive confidante to a range of global CxOs.

With three generations now in the workplace at the same time – each with their own unique set of widely differing values and behaviours – for any business to thrive, it’s crucial for business leaders to create harmony and understanding between and across the generations. Whether you’re a Millennial yourself, a GenX or a Baby-Boomer, Henry Rose’s workshops and keynotes tell you exactly what you should do and exactly what to avoid. Her mission is to see leaders creating a better future for us all, for the planet and for communities across the globe.

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Henry Rose Lee – Speaker Bio

Henry Rose Lee, Award-Winning Speaker, Author, Founder & CEO, entrepreneur, creative, script-writer, and voice-over: lover of people, champagne, dancing and flying first-class.

An experienced millennials leadership expert, consulting with leaders and private clients for more than 14 years, to ensure that they and their people hit the ground running, typically securing their next promotion, project, or pay-rise quickly and effectively.

Intensely human yet practical, empathic yet hard-hitting, caring yet challenging, insightful and imaginative in her client-facing role, Henry Rose has also founded and developed three companies in eighteen years, each one supporting and developing ambitious, smart, corporate professionals and leaders headed for the top!

A career visionary, Henry Rose shows her clients how to ignite their remarkable talents, grab opportunities for an outstanding career, facilitating the kind of transformation that takes leaders to the top of their game.


“Having Henry Rose Lee as a speaker at the L&G sales conference was engaging, authoritative and insightful. Henry Rose is an expert in leadership and extremely articulate and enlightening as a speaker. If you are looking to inspire, motivate and enthuse your employees, I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great Keynote Speaker for their conference.”

Rob Miles, Head Of IFA Sales, L&G

“As the Head of Commercial Banking for a major US bank in the UK, I have worked with Henry as my advisor over an 18 month period as part of my ongoing career progression. As a strategic leader, I have benefited from the opportunity to improve my strategic thinking and concentrate on a future focus for expanding the bank’s commercial activities in the UK and EMEA market place. Henry has demonstrated an ability to understand the challenges of developing people, teams and operations as well as supporting me in achieving quick wins and long-term goals for both my own career path and the business objectives of the bank. Henry has a unique aptitude to quickly connect with people, get to the heart of the issue and push her clients to improve.  She is also a delight to work with.  She is a partner in the truest sense of the word and someone I would highly recommend to any business leader.”

Erin Lockwood, Head of Commercial Banking, Silicon Valley Bank

“Henry Rose has such a passion for what she does, backed up with a wealth of experience and refined skills to deliver real value. The focus is always on how to develop talent and pose challenges that teams and individuals own and want to rise to. The results are tangible and Henry will stay on the journey with you to provide support, encouragement and accountability!”

Campbell Shaw, SVP, EMEA at Monitise

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