Empower Your Leaders with a Strong Purpose

Hit the Ground Running

As a new leader, you’re short on time and long on to-do’s. You’ve got lots of ideas and no time for implementation.
Everyone’s watching you and you need to get those ‘quick wins’ that are practical, relevant and immediately applicable for the business.
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Plan Now for Your Next Generation of Leaders

Make Your Leadership Count

How do you maximise your leadership role, and get your people, your company and your objectives up and running at once?
How do you ensure you hit pay dirt from your very first
day in role?
How do you make space for ten full days of expert, non-judgmental leadership support and guidance, guaranteeing measurable business results?

“What Clients Are Saying”

I would like to introduce you to Henry. She has worked for a number of years with SVB on senior executive development, with some of the team here. Her practice is focused on Tech & Financial. Henry is the Best in this area that we work with.

Phil Cox Head of EMEA and President of the UK Branch - Silicon Valley Bank

Keep doing what you are doing! Your ability to connect with people and help them navigate the business world and translate into simple terms is a real art, a gift. I can honestly say I do not think that one minute of time spent with you has not been useful in terms of my learning and personal growth.

Mike Tobin Managing Director, Green Tomato Cars
Henry Rose is great – she gets stuff very quickly – she is an amazing judge of character – incredibly discerning of people, their strengths and development areas. Henry is a great coach and has an incredible memory. I’d like to see more new ideas from Henry.

Jon Buss Managing Director UK & Northern EMEA, Criteo

Henry is without doubt the best business coach type person I have ever come across. Another level to the others I have worked with. I wouldn’t normally introduce someone so directly to a client of mine, but I really feel that if you are looking for anyone to try out in this field, have a conversation with Henry Rose Lee.

Paul Grant Head of Commercial Development, Karhoo

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